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Young Carers


Bury Young Carers is part of the Integrated Youth Support (IYSS) alongside Connexions, Youth Service and Young People's Sexual Health.

Bury Young Carers is a service that offers support for young people aged 7 to 17 who help look after a member of the family who is sick, disabled or has mental health problems, or is misusing drugs or alcohol.

What the service provides

  • Bury Young Carers undertakes statutory carers assessments with the young person and their family and then looks at what support can be put into place for the young person and their family which may include one-to-one support, mentoring, liaising with other relevant agencies or providing activities in partnership with the youth service.
  • Bury Young Carers is a targeted service however can offer additional art or play sessions working on feelings and worries for younger carers, art therapy. We also offer Evidence Based Behavioural Practice sessions which works one to one with young carers with low mood or anxiety and additional mentoring sessions.

Benefits to your school

  • 27% of young carers (aged 11-15) miss school or experience educational difficulties (40% where children care for a relative with drug or alcohol problems) and can have significantly lower educational attainment at GCSE level.
  • With the right, regular support, young carers can over-come their barriers and thrive within school. The support Bury Young Carers can provide improves young carer's mental health and self-confidence and helps the early identification of issues which may impact their schooling.


Please contact for a quote for additional sessions.