Curriculum and Language Access Service (CLAS)


The Curriculum and Language Access service works with schools to develop effective provision for minority ethnic, English as an additional language (EAL) and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) learners, for equalities work in schools and for an inclusive curriculum which prepares every child to be an effective member of a diverse local, national and global community.

The service includes:

  • Consultants and leading teachers specialising in EAL, EMA, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller education and pastoral work and equalities and diversity;
  • Bilingual language assistants, support workers and inclusion officer;
  • Specialist teachers of English as an additional language; and teachers and tutors of community languages.

What the service provides

Whole school and strategic work

  • Consultancy to develop effective self-evaluation processes, coordinate provision for EAL and GRT learners, review current curriculum, policies and practice and develop teaching and learning approaches which benefit pupils from all language and cultural backgrounds
  • Support in developing a learning culture where having more than one language is valued and used for learning
  • Support for schools in meeting the cultural, language and religious needs of pupils.
  • Interpreting and translation services

Pupil support

  • Specialist teachers and bilingual support workers to work in the classroom with pupils who are both new to the UK and at the early stages of learning English
  • Specialist teachers and bilingual support workers to work in partnership in the classroom with class/ subject teachers and assistants to support pupils and develop teachers' understanding of working effectively with EAL and GRT learners
  • Language assessments (including dual language assessments) to determine level of English and other languages and if factors in addition to those associated with EAL are impacting on learning
  • Language classes/clubs for pupils from all language backgrounds
  • Support for pupils taking GCSEs in community languages
  • Pastoral support for International new arrivals, asylum seekers, refugee and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils

Teaching is mainly in classrooms but is currently also available online in some circumstances and through home learning packs for self-isolating pupils or those not able to attend school.

Professional learning and development

A wide range of professional learning and development, both developmental and individual sessions, on:

  • Effective EAL and GRT coordination
  • Teaching and learning with EAL and GRT learners and for living in a diverse society
  • Language and literacy development
  • Equalities in education
  • SMSC development
  • British Values and Community Cohesion

Home-school links and community

  • Supporting participation in school life and learning, for parents of EAL and GRT learners
  • Contacting parents and carers and making home visits
  • Running parents' groups to support parental involvement in education
  • Organising school and community linking activities
  • Organising competitions, activities and events to promote community cohesion and equality
  • Interpreting and translation to promote effective communication and inclusion.


  • Development and sourcing of resources to use in school and at home, such as curriculum resources, dual language signs and posters, resource packs and translated documents.
  • Loan of resources to enhance the curriculum and promote access to learning.
  • Online resources for pupil learning, curriculum development and policies and practice.

Benefits to your school

CLAS assists schools in meeting the needs and raising the attainment of minority ethnic, English as an additional language (EAL) and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) learners. CLAS support helps schools to ensure that their EAL pupils have full access to the curriculum and that all pupils are prepared for life as active citizens in a diverse community.


Please see the CLAS SLA and price list sent to Bury schools. Other schools/organisations please contact us for information.

Additional information

All CLAS staff are DBS checked. All CLAS teachers have a specialist Master's level qualification and Bilingual Support Workers have a minimum of Level 5 qualifications and specialist training. Pastoral and Play Therapy work is carried out by suitably qualified and trained staff.