Internet connectivity

Internet connectivity for Bury schools

On behalf of Bury Council's ICT Department I am inviting you to renew your internet connectivity with us. The service includes:

  • Scalable and secure enterprise grade network connections backed up by a robust Service Level Agreement

  • Consistent and reliable high speed internet access, with guaranteed minimal downtime

  • No bandwidth contention

  • Constantly monitored network with a proactive service delivery team

A connection will cost £1,790 annually for primary schools, £1,050 for special schools and £3,580 for high schools on a one year contract. This cost includes the switch, firewall, filtering, licences and management of these services. Please note that a 3 month notice period is required if you wish to cancel the connection, you will be charged on a pro rata basis. If in-school support is requested for the Town Hall for internet issues, this is chargeable on a daily rate of £250 and half day rate of £150.

By using our enhanced network, your school will access benefits such as web filtering, local technical support, and access to best value through economies of scale. We hope you will continue to use our services.