Libraries - book exchange


We would like you to promote the enjoyment of reading books by asking you to bring your pupils to our libraries, allowing the children to choose a book from our excellent library stock. We will set up a free membership for your class.

'It is vital that children enjoy reading, reading for pleasure is more important than either wealth or social class as an indicator of success at school.  Yet only 40 per cent of England's ten year olds have a positive attitude to reading.' The Reading Agency.

What the service provides

  • We will provide each class with a free library membership
  • You will have access to all seven main libraries in Bury
  • Children can choose a book from our excellent library stock and exchange for another on their next visit with school

Benefits to your school

  • Regular 'Book Exchanges' build up children's confidence in using their school & local library
  • Enables children to make good book choices
  • Encourages children to read more for pleasure
  • Increases literacy skills, vocabulary & spelling


Free of charge.