Building cleaning and caretaking service


The service provides a caretaking and cleaning service to 65 schools across the borough, employing approximately 280 permanent staff and an additional supply of 80 relief staff.

Building Cleaning provides a safe, efficient and cost effective service that is tailored to your schools needs.

What the service provides

The Building Cleaning service offers a fully inclusive package for schools covering 52 weeks per year.

Alternatively, a package for 39 term time weeks plus four extra caretaking weeks and two extra cleaning weeks is available.

Site specific work schedule agreed for cleaning to be carried out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

All machinery provided and maintained.

All staff trained in safe working practices and including; stripping and re-sealing a range of floor types; carpet shampooing; manual handling; working at height; premise hazard management and safeguarding.

In addition, there are optional packages to support your school needs:

  • Option one - Caretaking training/annual performance monitoring.
  • Option two - Cleaning standard monitoring inspections—including safe working practices.
  • Option three - Provision of cleaning products/janitorial and personal protective equipment.

Benefits to your school

  • Fully inclusive service
  • Staff managed by experienced personnel
  • Staff fully trained
  • Machinery and equipment provided and maintained
  • Chemicals COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to health) assessed
  • Risk Assessments carried out
  • Schools inspected for cleaning standards
  • Recruitment completed by experienced personnel
  • Absence and sickness monitoring carried out


Charges are calculated based on school specific requirements.