School business consultancy services


"Bursa" is the Latin for "purse" and this premium service offers more than looking after the money within your school's purse.

This exclusive service delivered by your dedicated finance professional incorporates the following, plus all as specified within the Standard Package and much more as detailed in the full SLA available on request.

What the service includes

  • Production of a detailed multiple year strategic budget plan, which uses a high quality in house budget planning tool, developed by our Financial Services.
  • Precise monitoring of expenditure and income throughout the year for both staffing and non-staffing costs and assist with the forecasting of the budget out turn.
  • Meetings with the Headteacher to discuss the budget to enable the Governors to approve your school budget by 31 May.
  • Provide advice in connection with budget setting and evaluating different options to deal with situations which may have a significant impact on plans, e.g., decreasing pupil numbers.
  • Detailed costings for each member of staff employed in the school, plus estimates of non staffing costs.
  • Comparative financial statement with the previous year's out turn.

Benefits to your school

Partnership working with your school to maintain the high standards of financial management that contribute to strong academic performance.

Value for Money achieved through the highly competitively priced service which contributes to efficiencies essential to sustaining balanced schools budgets.

Access to a diligent, dedicated and experienced finance professional who appreciates and understands your school's specific needs.

Complete confidence that budget resources and plans, plus any external funding opportunities, are monitored on your school's behalf and any errors or issues are dealt with effectively in liaison with schools and all relevant internal or external parties.


The School Finance & Business Management Consultancy Package is available at an annual lump sum charge per school plus an additional amount based on pupil numbers.