Support for newly qualified teachers

Please note this service is no longer available to any new NQTs and will cease when any current NQTs have finished.


We assist schools in meeting statutory requirements in support of newly qualified teachers (NQTs). This includes providing schools with advice on induction processes including schools' support and training for NQTs and on the monitoring and assessment of NQTs.

We provide the statutory core service free of charge to maintained schools, academies are charged at £90.00 per induction period. In addition, other costed services are available further below.

What the service provides

Core Service (Statutory)

  • Quality assuring and processing statutory assessments of NQT performance
  • Guidance materials
  • Dedicated officers who are the contact for schools and their NQTs
  • Liaison with the NCTL and the DfE
  • Telephone and email advice when it is needed including where an NQT is facing difficulties

Traded Service (Non Statutory)

The following options can be added on to the core service, chargeable at the Quality Education Partner daily rate:

  • Support for quality assurance of a school's induction processes
  • Supporting school monitoring of an NQT's performance for example lesson observation and feedback
  • Extended support for school leaders and NQTs where an NQT is facing difficulties or is at risk of failing their induction

Benefits to your school

Written guidance to support the school's induction provision for NQTs aimed at Headteachers, Governors, Induction Tutors and NQTs.

We also carry out the statutory administration, quality assurance and any liaison that is needed with the Teacher Regulation Agency and the Department for Education (DfE).


The daily rate is shown on the price list sent to Bury schools.

Additional information

Appropriate body and administration charge per NQT for non-maintained Local Authority schools and Colleges.

Please note: Telephone advice is for brief queries only. Longer consultations and extended advice are provided through the traded offer.