Education data


The Local Authority offers a service that will support schools in analysing a wide range of education data at school and pupil level for self evaluation/improvement planning purposes and in preparation for Ofsted inspections. This includes:

  • for all schools the provision of an executive school education profile

  • access to Perspective Lite

Summary of what the service provides

  • Access to NCER Realtime reports, interrogate your school's latest data by choosing parameters for bespoke Key Stage reports

  • Production of full school and local data assessment analysis booklets on an annual basis

  • Production of non statutory school target-setting booklets

  • Production of twice yearly executive School Education Profile

  • Support prior to and during Ofsted inspections

  • fft aspire - reports published on Perspective Lite

  • Collection and analysis of non-statutory education data in Nursery, Reception on entry

  • Production of electronic individual pupil reports for end of Key Stage 1, end of Key Stage 2 and Phonics results

  • Production of electronic school analysis reports for the end of  Early Years Foundation Stage, Phonics, KS1, end of KS2

  • Production of reports for inclusion in school prospectus for end of KS1 and end of KS2

  • Electronic transfer of  KS2 results to high schools

  • Discount from the direct cost of fft aspire (secondary)

  • ASP reports published on Perspective Lite

  • IDSR reports published on Perspective Lite

  • Telephone helpline and support on all of the above

Benefits to your school

  • Schools will have access to detailed and timely education data including school, local data and national figures, performance of vulnerable groups and year on year progress throughout the school

  • This service will help schools to identify strengths and areas for development for self evaluation and improvement planning purposes

  • Support in identifying where improvements need to be made to aid early intervention

Service level agreement (SLA) information


For Primary schools this is based on a flat rate plus per pupil charge.

For Secondary schools there is a choice of four SLAs:

  • Option 1: Assessment Booklet, KS2 Transfer and access to NCER Realtime reports

  • Option 2: fft aspire Only

  • Option 3: KS2 Transfer Data Only

  • Option 4: All of the above