Schools supply service


The supply service will endeavour to meet all your supply needs, both teaching and support staff.

Supply teachers are available on-line and the Supply Service team will be happy to engage staff on your behalf. We are available at and the Supply Desk will be staffed from 7.45am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

What the service provides

  • We have an up-to-date supply register of teaching and support staff.

  • All teachers fully qualified to teach in England.

  • All support staff are interviewed prior to appointment with references taken.

  • The school just needs to contact the Supply Service on and we will contact and engage the supply worker on behalf of your school. Please contact us before engaging staff so we can ensure all checks are in place.

  • The online system enables schools to search for teachers according to Key Stage, curriculum area and availability.

  • Schools using the online system do not need to complete and submit teacher claim forms.

  • Online and paper claim forms will be processed for payment by the Supply Service and Payroll Services.

  • Reports on supply teacher activities are sent to schools on a monthly basis.

  • In order to monitor supply staff's performance we will request feedback as and when appropriate.

Benefits to your school

All supply staff are qualified and checked for safeguarding purposes with references taken, DBS are updated in line with Bury Council policy and update service.

This is a growing service that we are trying to improve based on what schools want so your feedback is always welcome.

The Supply Service is staffed by members of Supply Services - Human Resources - Department for Corporate Core Services so you know and trust who are committed to fulfilling your needs.


The online system is provided to schools free of charge.

To develop and improve the service for schools there will be a surcharge of five per cent on payments processed through Supply Service, Department for Corporate Core Services.

Additional information

Further details of the Supply Service SLA are available on request.