Emergency Response & Resilience Team: Emergency Planning


The aim of our highly experienced team is to provide support for schools in the development of emergency management and business continuity planning arrangements.

What the service provides

We provide ongoing support, advice and guidance on a range of emergency planning areas, to include:

  • Emergency hazard assessments and emergency planning advice individually tailored to each school's location and particular risks

  • Template plans, procedures and guidance enabling schools to effectively prepare for and respond to emergencies

  • Assistance in populating plans

  • Business continuity templates and guidance to minimise and manage the disruption caused by challenging events such as power cuts, heavy snow, etc

  • Provision of an emergency alert system that is operational at all times throughout the year e.g. Severe weather

  • Facilitated training, exercising and testing of emergency & BC (Bury Council) plans and procedures

  • A self complete resilience audit template with bespoke feedback and advice

  • A regular update containing news of local, national and international emergency planning issues including a specific resilience related topic

Benefits to your school

The service will assist you to plan for foreseeable events that are outside of your immediate control. The associated benefits include:

  • Minimising or avoiding the disruption to services and the financial losses that can arise as a result of emergencies

  • Protection of the staff and pupil wellbeing

  • Enhancement of reputation and stakeholder confidence

Service level agreement (SLA) information

pdf icon Emergency planning service SLA [95kb]


The cost of this service is based on a fixed rate per primary or high school.

Additional services not covered by this SLA (Service Level Agreement)  can be purchased separately. For additional details contact us.

Additional information

The advice we offer is tailored to support schools with the safeguarding elements of Ofsted inspections.