Architectural services


The Architectural Services Team provide advice, guidance and services relating to land and property assets. 

We provide a variety of services to both land and property related projects and premise management.

We are available for a free initial review relating to any of our services and how they may assist in delivering proposed projects or premises management requirements.

What the service provides

Advice and or guidance and services related to projects:

  •  Project and or feasibility management

  •  Asset plans implementation

  •  Procurement and contracts

  •  Contractor selection and engagement

  •  Design and contract administration

  •  Cost control

  •  Health and safety compliance, construction, design and management (CDM)

  •  Contract procedure rules compliance

Advice and or guidance and services related to premise management:

  • Legislative and or statutory compliance

  • Asbestos and or water hygiene management

  • Carbon and or energy monitoring and reporting

  • Building energy management systems

  • Carbon reduction measures

  • Energy c conservation fund

  • Energy certificates - display energy certificates (DECS) and or energy performance certificate (EPC)

  • Electrical and gas testing and or lightening conductors

  • Lift maintenance and or automatic door servicing

  • Fire alarms and emergency lighting

  • Accessibility (Equalities Act)

  • Water management

Benefits to your school

  •  In depth knowledge and familiarity with the needs of the School.

  •  Flexible services, with the ability to respond to individual customer requirements.

  •  Experienced/professional staff.

  •  All services and works delivered in accordance with relevant legislation and contract procedure rules.


Due to the diversity of services available, costs will be discussed and agreed prior to the commencement of any works and or services.

Initial review will be free of any charge.


Over 55 Projects valued at £7.7 million and 80 Minor Works schemes to a value of £200,000 commissioned to date 2019/20.

Customer Satisfaction continues to be high.

Customer feedback

  • 'Very Clear Brief'

  • 'Completed within budget & timescale'

  • 'Excellent Service'

  • 'Comprehensive Monitoring and Feedback'

  • 'Recommended to other schools'