Swimming activities (secondary schools)

Service features

The Schools Swimming Service is a high quality service that supports pupils in learning how to swim.

We are able to deliver the requirements of aquatic activities in line with the National Curriculum by providing:

  • Appropriately qualified swimming teachers

  • Structured lesson plans to meet all pupil needs

  • Final day assessments

  • Structured badge/achievement system

Benefits to your school

  • Lifeguard cover in addition to the qualified swimming teacher

  • All staff have up to date DBS certificates

  • Maintain public liability insurance

Service standards

The service is able to offer all the following aquatic disciplines as well as any other aquatic activities you may require:

  • Water polo - an excellent team game to play in the pool. Pupils will gain an understanding of the rules and how to play the game

  • Snorkelling - Learn all the skills to snorkelling and enjoy the sea on holiday

  • Lifesaving - Give your pupils an insight in becoming a lifeguard

  • Advanced swimming - Improve the fitness and technique of your pupils

  • Team games - fun in the pool