Swimming lessons (primary schools)

Service features

The Schools Swimming Service is a high quality service that supports pupils in learning how to swim.

We are able to deliver the requirements of swimming activities in line with the National Curriculum by providing:

  • Appropriately qualified swimming teachers

  • Structured lesson plans to meet all pupil needs

  • Pre/post assessments to show pupil development

  • Structured badge and achievement system

Benefits to your school

  • Lifeguard cover in addition to the qualified swimming teacher

  • All staff have up to date DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificates

  • Maintain public liability insurance

Service standards

  • A Two-week programme of intense swimming lessons

  • A weekly intense programme

We understand not all schools can follow this pattern so each school will be given alternatives to ensure all children are given the opportunity to learn to swim.

During every four and two week programme we will try and incorporate a different aquatic session to aid learning and make the session fun (Diving/Water polo/Snorkelling/ Games).


Our costs cater for a maximum of 40 pupils for 60 minutes a day.

Costs are subject to a full take up from all schools and transport charges.


  • Over 2000 children taught each year

  • Over 60 primary schools use the service every year